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Find the Pre-workout for You

Interested in pre-workouts and the benefits you've heard about but don't know where to start? I used to feel the same way. But have no fear and look no further because here is a basic list of what the different pre-workouts are and why it might be the right one for you.


There are two main types of pre-workout groups that you want to know about: Stimulant and non-stimulant. The main difference between the two is that stimulant has caffeine whereas non-stim does not. So, why would you want one or the other?

The stimulant pre-workout contains ingredients like caffeine, guarana, or yerba mate for an immediate energy rush. The stimulating effect can enhance focus, reduce fatigue, and increase overall workout intensity. This would be the best for things like weightlifting workouts where you want more of an energy kick throughout the whole thing.

On the other hand, a non-stimulant pre-workout is something you may want if you are caffeine-sensitive or prefer not to consume it. They can contain all of the same ingredients that do not have those quick-acting stimulants. They are also good if you are doing a cardio-focused workout where your heart rate will be higher and that added stimulant boost is not needed.

Paragon Supplements pre-workout Toxic Masculinity in the flavor Dragons Blood

Having those first two groups then allows us to look at the ingredients you would want to look for in both of these types to reach your goals.

Something one may look for at the top of their list is a thermogenic. These are in many pre-workouts to help heat up your body further during workouts and can produce fat loss. These are highly sought after as they not only give you energy but help move you towards your goals of further fat loss and contribute to muscle gain.

The next would be a nootropic. This is something you always want to have in your pre-workouts, especially a simulant. With stimulants, they can make you feel spastic and not be able to focus on what you need to do so a nootropic helps to ensure this does not happen. A nootropic promotes focus and allows you to pay greater attention to doing your workout correctly and effectively.

The last type I will talk about is chemicals that help promote a pump, such as L Citrulline. I am sure you have heard the term pump which is related to the fuller look of a muscle after working out. This is created by the blood flow pumping harder into the muscles you are working on. So, it checks out how an ingredient like L Citrulline would help create a better pump by increasing muscle flow. This is important not only for the look but also because the extra blood flow helps muscles to heal faster creating a faster recovery!

With all of this said no matter what type of pre-workout you are looking for and what ingredients are in it it is important to make sure everything is clinically dosed. This is something you always want to look for because even if a pre-workout has these pieces if it does not have the right dosage it won't do what the ingredient is supposed to. Always check the labels to ensure you will get all of the benefits promised by the ingredients.

If you want somewhere to start, and like the sound of a stimulant pre-workout, I would suggest Paragon Supplement and Nutrition's Toxic Masculinity. This pre-workout has all of the ingredients, and more, listed above and not only are they clinically dosed but they are high-quality leaving you without a stomach ache a typical pre-workout may give you and two forms of caffeine, one fast and one slow releasing, to have that initial burst of energy without the crash! A perfect daily driver to get you into the pre-workout scene.

Now that you have the basics go and look for the pre-workout for you and find what will move your workout and health journey that much more.


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