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What is Paragon?

Single words can explain so much about our goals and aspirations. They hold so much power and can create a draw to them. Paragon is a word that does that. It is strong and bold but not something we see very often so, what is Paragon? Or better yet, what does it mean?


Paragon: a person or thing regarded as a perfect example of a particular quality.

Being a Paragon is what we should all strive to be in our lives. Constantly growing and evolving to be as close to perfect in the ways that truly matter.

Finding how to be a paragon in your life is what will help you reach new heights. Whether it is a goal in the gym, the kitchen, at work, or at home by setting high goals we will continue to grow and be better.

At Paragon the places we want to reach paragon are not only in our products but also in our outreach. To be the brand we plan to reach that means pushing our clients (YOU) to also reach forward and build themselves into even stronger people. To be the best we need community to motivate and push us to be who we are meant to be, to be the best version we can be. We hope to create a new community through both our supplements and the information we release on our website.

So, if you have a goal and don't now where to start, are in the fitness community and are looking for something new and exciting, or just want to be a part of something new and exciting stick around try our current products and keep an eye out for future releases.

Paragon is a passion project that wants to make a difference in the fitness space through our words, actions, and products.

Are you ready to reach towards your paragon and become the best version of yourself? Maybe you need a kick start! Try our simulant pre workout here to get yourself in the mood to move and grove to your goals. Just got back from the gym and working on your nutrition goals? Our Whey Protein Powder would be great for you with its 25g of protein per serving!

If your not sure yet be sure to head over to our Instagram: Paragonnutrishop to see what we are all about!

Let's work together and become the best version of ourselves!

Paragon Nutrition: Become the Best Version of You

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