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Not Finding the Right Workout for You? Give this a Try

Feel like you have tried all of the recommendations from your friends, family, and social media? Tried running, weightlifting, yoga? If you are looking for something new to find your fitness fit I highly suggest looking into boxing. Boxing has many benefits for your fitness but also other important parts of your life.

First, it is good to ask what is boxing or what do you need to know going into it. If you have found a good gym near you, you should be given proper technique training and corrections even when in group classes but it never hurts to have background knowledge.

A man doing a cross punch to a black bag with gold gloves

The art of boxing at its core is to learn to hit while also avoiding being hit (you never have to get to the point of sparing but classes will still teach you these techniques with just a bag). It combined the use of punches, footwork, head movements, as well as defensive maneuvers. Having this understanding of the sport before going into it will allow you to know what to expect before your first class.

Now that you understand a bit of what you're walking into, let's go over the different moves that will be called out in class so it won't sound too much like Greek:

  • Jab: A quick, straight punch from the lead hand. It's used for measuring distance, disrupting the opponent's rhythm, and setting up other punches.

  • Cross: A powerful, straight punch from the rear hand. The cross is a staple for delivering knockout blows.

  • Hook: A curved punch targeting the opponent's head or body. It can be thrown with either hand and is great for surprising the opponent.

  • Uppercut: A rising punch that aims for the chin or solar plexus. Uppercuts are effective in close-range combat.

Knowing all of these movements with your upper body will save you time and effort going into your first class. Through taking classes you will learn how to properly execute all of these punches through more than just how you throw the punch with your arm but also how the rest of your body helps out. A big turning point in boxing is when a student or class attendee learns to use their whole body, including their hips, legs, and feet, in any of these moves. As you do this the workout will target the full body and make boxing a great primary source of fitness.

Aside from just how to correctly do the technique in a class boxing has many physical effects that positively impact your fitness journey.

First the building of cardiovascular endurance. The high-intensity nature of boxing training elevates the heart rate and strengthens the heart, leading to improved stamina and endurance.

Boxing also bleeds into strength training. By incorporating bodyweight exercises, resistance training, and heavy bag work you are going to be naturally building up more strength to hit harder. And unlike most forms of intense strength training boxing helps with your agility by working on fast-paced movements.

Along with all of these physical health benefits, boxing can also be very positive for your mental health. With it being a sport and one needing to remember cues, names, and the overall correct technique it is often a good way to separate from daily stress and anxiety. Even if you do bring that into the gym boxing allows you to put that negative mental energy into something positive, boosting mental well-being.

Boxing also gives you so much more outside yourself. One of the biggest things it gives you is community. When going to a gym and working out together every day you can become close with those you workout with but boxing creates an environment for everyone to support each other. It may not be found everywhere but there are special gyms that take it all to the next level. A great example of this is Mayweather Boxing in Boca Raton, Florida.

Mayweather coaches

Mayweather Boxing creates a community that all feel gravitated to. From the amazing coaches to the conversation before and after classes and the welcoming environment it grabs you right in and makes you want to come back again and again. They push you to constantly try more and do new things. From heavy bags, mitwork, weights, and cardio machines they give you an all-around workout that prepares you for life and to grow in boxing.

Not all boxing gyms will have this so it is important to look around and find the places like Mayweather that can show you how great this can be for your fitness journey and you may even create some friends along the way.


If you are in the South Florida area and interested in trying out a boxing class please visit Mayweather Boxing - Boca Raton's website here:


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