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Welcome To Paragon

I see you have found your way to Paragon and are interested in what we are about. Look no further as we introduce you to Paragon.


The fitness space is becoming larger every day and with it new products and companies have jumped into the mix. All of these companies have separate ideas and goals and we believe it is important for a customer to know and understand the values of the companies they are putting their money into.

So, here is what you need to know about Paragon!

Paragon is a start up powered with the growth mindset. We believe in all parts of life we are never truly done growing. We believe there is a lack of this in the fitness community as a whole. There are many who stand by the fact that we are all perfect and do not need to change or, on the other end, there are those who believe that we are not getting to what they see as the end goal fast enough, fit with defined muscles and lifting at least twice our body weight.

Here at Paragon we want to celebrate the journey. Contrary to popular culture, no you're not perfect or just right how you are, and no those pictures and videos you see of shredded men and women are not what most people will look like at any point in their lives. What we have really lost is the acknowledgement of growth and change into the best person we could be.

What does that look like?

Paragon is looking for people who want to be in a community that is always pushing each other to work towards our goals. Whether that is deadlifting 305 or running a mile in sub 9 minutes Paragon wants to be there for the work. For the journey that leads to the goals and creates the next one. It is also about acknowledging that you will fail. You will falter. You will want to give up. We all do, but the pain is part of the growth and you deserve to become better than you were yesterday.

Paragon is looking to push you to be the best you for you but also for those who care about you and love you. Whether that is your friends, significant other, kids, or anyone else there is always someone to work for.

This also means that this growth does not stop at the gym doors. It will carry into every part of your life if you are doing it right. You will become better than you were yesterday in everything, not just at running the mile or lifting some heavy circles. No, Paragon wants people who want to grow into the person they want to be. Those who are ready to push in all parts of life.

People who live and work by the motto: How you do one thing is how you do everything.

Paragon is a company derived from the strength and determination to grow, both as a business, a community, and as people. Everyday we are working to become the best version of ourselves.

If you are working to become the best version of you and agree with this message we would love for you to apply to be an affiliate at this link:

Let's grow together.

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