3 things you should do when getting serious at the gym.

Happy Sunday everybody. I hope you are ready to start your week off with a bang. In today's article I am bringing you 3 CRUCIAL things you should do if and when you start getting serious in the gym. I'm not a huge fan of long intros or filler content so let's hop right in.

Starting with number ONE, it is mandatory that you start to touch up and learn proper gym etiquette. Some of the basics include wiping down your gym equipment after use, not hogging machines that are low in quantity to do supersets, and one of the most important, DO NOT curl in the squat rack. If you catch yourself doing any of these few things in your next visit, no worries! Every day is a new day to improve and learn from mistakes. Everybody has done one of these so don't be embarrassed.

Next we have number two, make sure you are on a well structured program. Following a structured program not only makes your gym visits more effective time wise, it will also help you achieve noticeable results! One of the biggest mistakes many beginner gym goers make is not following a program, and just doing whatever machine or free weight exercise they can improvise at the top of their head. This will lead to unneeded confusion and a lot of wasted time. So make sure to go in with a plan!

Last but not least ,our final point is make sure you are taking ridiculous amounts of progress photos and videos. Not only to help keep you motivated when times get tough, but also because if you are truly serious about the gym you will never have a chance to capture your state of being before you became a gym rat! Use this time as well to practice posing if you plan on bodybuilding anytime in the future, as posing is a learned skill that does not require all the muscle to be there when you start. The sooner you start nailing your poses the better they are going to look when you pack some muscle on.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this weeks installment of Paragon fitness news. See you next Sunday, and don't forget to make this week a great one!

- Adam Salvador

IG: adamsalvadorfitness

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